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Surviving Adolescence

A Guide For Parents





Workshop held on
Saturday, November 9, 2013
8:30am to 5:00pm


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The Presenters



Jeff Cheeseborough as Master of Ceremonies
Jeff grew up in Santa Barbara CA and has been serving in our community for decades.  He’s been serving as Chaplain in the Juvenile Justice system for 31 years.  His work has been with those both in detention and on probation.  In that capacity he has touched thousands of youth in building character and their faith.  He speaks frequently before school youth assemblies; in a year he easily does a hundred such engagements.  His themes range from developing life skills to discovering one’s passion and purpose in life.  Humor and informality are his popular attributes.  Jeff and his wife Laura have two grown daughters who both live in the area.




Jamie Burch on Digital Overload
Jamie is the owner and CEO of JEBCommerce, a leading company in the Internet affiliate marketing industry.  His experience covers all facets of online marketing which has enabled JEB Commerce to realize a great level of success for its clients.  Jamie and his wife Sarah are active in their church; with active men’s ministry involvements a major activity of Jamie’s.   Recently he has guided several of their children through difficult times caused by behavior issues that are a focal point of this workshop.


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Brian Burkhalter on Peer Pressure Fallout
Brian Burkhalter is a retired police officer from the Seattle area, living in North Idaho with his wife Bev and 3 boys since 1999.  Brian has added to his education, and is now the Director of Care Ministries at Lake City Community Church in Coeur d’Alene.  As a counseling Pastor, Brian specializes in Family, Marriage, Grief and Trauma counseling with a Christian perspective.  One of his passions is helping families raise healthy, Christian children.


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Keith Orchard on Listening so Teens will Talk
Keith Orchard is a husband and father of two incredible boys.  He works as the Regional Trainer for Child Welfare in North Idaho.  He was formally the senior clinician and clinical supervisor at Idaho Youth Ranch where he was a family therapist and parent coach.  Keith is a former school teacher who loves teaching and training.  He has presented his workshops to families and professionals all over the northwest where participants praise his energetic style and practical ideas that can make an immediate impact in their lives.


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Dan Pinkerton on Creating a Culture of Character
Dan Pinkerton is the founder and a Trustee of the Idaho Character Foundation and co-founder of the Idaho Character Council.  Dan has nine children ages 8 to 22 and is celebrating 24 years of marriage to Kathryn this year.  He is also the President and CEO of Pinkerton Retirement Specialists, LLC, and a national Registered Investment Advisor based in Coeur d’Alene.  Dan leads a weekly Bible study at the Good Samaritan Men’s Ranch and is an elder at Grace Bible Church.


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Harry Amend on “We Can Do This”
Harry is a stranger to very few people at the Kroc Center and within the Coeur d’Alene school district.  He was a founding director of the Kroc Center, and has left his indelible mark on the community as a result.  He was responsible for training all Kroc staff in dealing with at-risk individuals of all ages.  For 39 years, Harry was an educator; 12 years as a full time counselor; 17 years as a Superintendent, the last 6 of which were spent in Coeur d’Alene.  He was also responsible for starting the Bridge Academy, Schools Within a School, and “full-day” kindergarten for at-risk kids in CDA.  Harry’s message in closing our workshop will be both and exhortation and an encouragement.  It’s entitled “We Can Do This.”


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A Testimonial: Cyber Bullying & Peer Pressure

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A Testimonial: Peer Pressure

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