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Board Members

Bob Driscoll


Bob has a long history of trying to address the problems in the lives of people and the communities they live in. In 1971, while in the Navy, he became involved with CREDO (Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation) which focused on Navy personnel with drug programs needing to gain self-understanding, learn to respect themselves and others, accept responsibility for their lives, and develop healthy spirituality.

Bob’s focus changed little through undergraduate and graduate school earning 2 doctorate degrees. It also didn’t change while Director of services at a youth inpatient chemical dependency hospital, Director of services at a psychiatric community hospital, Director of a community family and youth at-risk program, or his last position with the State of Idaho in Integrated Services working to pull organizations together for the betterment of individual families and the communities they lived in.

Today, Bob is currently the vice president of the Board of the CCC that exists to unite Faith based organizations together to impact the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His calling is to demonstrate the love of our caring and compassionate God. Bob’s hope is that various ministries can be recognized and network with each other to be able to help improve the morals and lifestyles of struggling individuals and families in our communities.


Chris Green


Chris comes to us from North Idaho College where he works as a Navigator with the Idaho Center of Excellence Healthcare Partnership grant (a 6.4 million dollar grant that uses proven best-practices and new technologies to enhance existing health professions programs and develop new health professions programs with a goal to provide a well-trained and certified workforce for our state’s fastest growing healthcare fields).

Before that, Chris worked as the homeless veteran’s transitional housing grant coordinator and homeless veteran’s case manager in partnership with the VA’s Healthcare for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) program at St. Vincent de Paul for two years. While in this position, he served hundreds of Coeur d’Alene’s homeless veterans. He took great pride in helping veterans overcome lifelong trauma and to place homeless veterans into permanent housing.

Before that, Chris worked as the homeless veteran’s transitional housing grant coordinator and homeless veteran’s case manager in partnership with the VA’s Healthcare for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) program at St. Vincent de Paul for two years. While in this position, he served hundreds of Coeur d’Alene’s homeless veterans. He took great pride in helping veterans overcome lifelong trauma and to place homeless veterans into permanent housing.

Chris is a graduate of North Idaho College and Lewis Clark State College. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (Summa Cum Laude with honors) and is currently a Boise State University student finishing his Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work. Chris was born and raised in this area and he spent 30 years in Alaska raising a family before “returning home.” He has strong family ties and family history in Coeur d’Alene (five generations) and considers himself “extremely blessed” to be “home again.” Chris has four children and four grandchildren living in Alaska and Arizona. It has been a personal dream of his to “return to school and receive an education,” to “utilize my talents to serve God and those in need in our community,” and he is very excited to be a “part of the CCC family.” Chris is the current board president for the CCC.


Frank Genetti


Frank just finished the 2016 season as the assistant golf pro at the Coeur d’Alene Resort golf course. Frank is the co-founder of the HARC program here in Coeur d’Alene along with Pastor Tim Remington (Good Samaritan & Altar Church} and Ron Nilson (CEO & owner Ground Force Worldwide). HARC is a Faith based organization centered around Character Building, that helps struggling young adults with vocational training (partnering with KTEC) and employment (partnering with the North Idaho Manufactures association). I served on the Board for the Christian Community Coalition and past manager of the CDA Press Business Journal. I have been a regular attendee to the Inter Agency meetings. These three participations had allowed me the opportunity to have relationship with business leaders, religious leaders and many government agencies in North Idaho and Eastern Washington.

As co-founder and President of CROP, a non profit foundation, Frank built strategic alliances with politicians from Sacramento to Washington DC. He also raised funds and built community relationships with “at risk communities” resulting in re-entry programs, internal prison programming, and educational platforms within the California prison system.

Frank has held many executive positions for major automobile franchises over the past three decades. The foundation for this national success was first established with one of Wall Street’s leading brokerage firms, Dean Witter Reynolds (now Morgan Stanley). Prior to this, He entered the private business sector as a designer, builder and owner of many restaurants from California to Colorado.

Throughout his career, Frank has been involved with the Special Olympics serving on its Board of Directors. Recently, he has been selected to be on the Board of Directors of C.U.R.E., a non profit that deals internationally with human rights, The Inland Northwest Fuller Center Housing (homeless), and on the Board of Directors of CCC, Christian Community Coalition of CDA.


Ian Robertson


An effective community results when government, business, and the faith community work together for the common good. Such teamwork is good for people (society), for the planet (environment), and for the pocket book (economics). Ian has a rich background in all three areas. He is experienced in leading and managing community-based projects, with a passion for helping the disadvantaged. He has been CEO of the Community Service Team in Spokane County, bringing congregations together to work for the common good in four areas: quality of life for at-risk youth; neighborhood safety security and emergency preparedness; homelessness, housing, and economic development; and wellness and health inequities. He is founder of the Inland Northwest Fuller Center for Housing, providing permanently affordable home ownership and economic development for the disadvantaged and working poor throughout the Inland Northwest.


JoAnn Zajicek


JoAnn currently serves as the Director of the Union Gospel Mission, Center for Women & Children, in Coeur d’ Alene, since it opened in 2012. She is also an author and teacher, speaking at community events, churches, and women’s retreats. For over 30 years, JoAnn has served in ministry, the non-profit sector, and the medical community. She holds a BA in Nursing and an MA in Public Administration from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Along with her husband, Tom is the parent of 3 adult children.


Maria-Cristina Jenicek


Maria-Cristina Jenicek was born in Manila, Philippines. Went to Lakes Middle School, and graduated from Cd’A High School in 1987. Briefly attended NIC. Married in May, 1991 to my wonderful husband Todd Jenicek. They have 3 beautiful children (2 boys and 1 girl), became empty nesters this year, and now, very proud first time grand-parents.

Maria and Todd began their Ministry as Youth Pastors and Associate Pastors about 9 years in their early 20’s. They have a passion in mentoring the younger generation to be a healthy contributing member of our society. To help them rise above circumstances and help reach their goal in life, find out what their passion is, and help them achieve whatever it may be.

Today, Todd and Maria own Calypsos Coffee & Creamery, Jenicek Java, Inc. They have owned it since February 2010. The business has given them the opportunity to meet and hire some of the most wonderful people in this community, especially the younger generation, which have become family to them. They have been able to mentor most of them by just being themselves, being real, being honest with them, treating them with respect and showing God’s unconditional love, thus earning the right to speak into their lives. Maria also works part time for Specialized Needs Recreation as the Administrative Assistant. There she also find a passion in helping change lives in our special needs participants.

As a Worship Leader for almost 20 years, singer/song writer and performer for most of her life, Maria’s passion is to teach and train others to worship the Lord using their God given gifts and talents. With a heart and passion for worship, she is also currently part of the Recovery Band at Real Life Ministries. Maria and Todd currently worship at Victory City Church formerly Faith Ministries, which has been our home for almost 7 years.


Rhonda Sand


Rhonda was born in Coeur d’Alene. She is the owner of two travel companies, Living Passages and TMI Tours and Cruises. She is active with her peeps at the Altar Church and with with her two adult children, Mittu and Abel. She spends a good amount of time in Biblical archeology and issues pertaining to cycles of poverty. She has a love for The Word and for Ethiopia and Africa.

She was on the founding board of Idaho Drug Free Youth and Birthright of North Idaho, she is also a local gleaner and is now serves again on the Christian Community Coalition.


Tim Remington


Tim was born in Riverside, California and moved to CDA in 1968. After graduation from CDA High School in the late 70’s he moved back to California where he met and married Cindy. In 1984 Tim started Pastoring in Loma Linda, California. Cindy and Tim ran a Coffee House called the “Supreme Bean Coffee House” for years and served the streets of San Bernardino. It was there they became interested in the streets and the people that are ignored, those who have problems with drugs, alcohol, and perversion.

In 1985 they began taking people into their home to help them. This has since grown into our Mentor Home Ministry and Good Samaritan Rehabilitation. The street ministry days, from San Bernardino to L.A., taught them more about drugs and alcohol than all the education eve could have. Since that time Tim has received a degree in counseling. The degree has meant less to him than leading an addict to Jesus.

Now Tim’s life consists of Victim Offender Mediation, Family Mediation, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, and directing Good Samaritan Rehabilitation. In addition he is the senior pastor of The Altar in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

Cindy and Tim have been blessed with four children. Tim’s love is his family and his Lord; his passion is to worship; and his desire is to show the joy of the Lord to others in all that he does.



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